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Our Work

There is no substitute for practical knowledge and proven performance. We have the industry knowledge and experience, proven quality, technical and management skills to successfully and consistently exceed our client's needs. f3, inc. has a nationwide staff of due diligence professionals, effectively serving the real estate lending market on projects ranging from manufactured housing communities to multi-family residences to high-rise structures. Our diverse experience and expertise enable us to take on virtually any commercial project assessment, regardless of its size, location, or complexity. Following are examples of some of our recent projects:

» 302 PROJECTS IN 2012

Multi-family Residential, Southeast US, Texas and Washington State — 12/07

Multi-family residential photo

Acquisition through Fannie Mae Guidelines

  • 86 multi-family residential properties totaling in excess of 26,000 dwelling units
  • Portfolio acquisition value $1.7 billion
  • Physical Needs Assessments
  • Environmental Phase I Assessments
  • Environmental Phase II Assessment on select assets

Multifamily Property Inspection Workshop

Present property inspection protocols (3 day workshop) on behalf of the Mortgage Bankers Associations (MBA) for certification of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac asset managers who require certification prior to performing annual inspections.

Multifamily, Fannie Mae Special Asset Management, Throughout US - Current

Multi-family residential througout U.S. photo
  • 440 multifamily property assessments since 2006
  • Physical Needs Assessments of distressed properties
  • Specialty assessments of foundations, mechanical systems at selected sites
  • Environmental Phase I Site Assessments
  • Environmental Phase II Assessments at selected sites

Student Housing, Texas Christian University - June 2011

  • 244 Unit, 5 story apartment buildings with attached parking structures
  • Physical Needs Assessments
  • Environmental Phase I Site Assessment

Multifamily, Freddie Mac, Throughout US — Current

  • 69 Multifamily site assessment since 2009
  • Environmental Phase I Site Assessments

Construction Progress Monitoring - Assisted Living Facility, Spokane, WA - 2010-2011

Construction Progress Monitoring photo
  • Review AIA documents and associated invoices
  • Conduct monthly progress inspections
  • Compare payment requests with construction completed
  • Report on quality of of constuction and adherence to schedules

Acquisition Due Diligence of Student Housing Portfolio - 2012

  • 53 properties at multiple state universities
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • Property Condition Assessments